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Spring Fever: Spring Risks Our Horses Face (Part 1)

58a55f33849e831a8c89b09a7df982feRight now spring seems like the answer to all our problems. We’re sick of the cold, the indoor and limited turnout for our furry friends. The weather is rapidly warming up but just as we faced winter risks, spring brings a new set of threats. Take the proper precautions when facing the following circumstances:

For those of us with an indoor, exercising our horses and keeping them in shape throughout the winter was easy.  For those of us who don’t, returning our horses back to a regular exercise routine takes not only patience but extreme care. Pay attention to your horses muscles, like us they can become sore and overworked. Additionally, be aware of overheating since heavy thick coats still haven’t shed out completely. If you have a horse that sweats a lot be sure to provide plenty of water to replenish and hydrate. You may want to consider giving electrolytes or adding Gatorade or apple juice to buckets to entice water intake.

April showers bring May flowers…. And a muddy mess. The only thing worse than an iced over ring is a swampy one. The boot sucking, shoe sucking mud is a breeding ground for fungus, infection and lameness. Clean and dry your horse’s legs well after being out in the mud. The only benefit to the mud…? It’s not hard when/if you hit it.

So break out the brushes and wash those muddy legs, even though we are all relieved that winter is over, there are still risks present, but for the warm weather they might be risks we are willing to take.

My Confession you ask, you’re never too old to play in the mud. 

Girl (3-5) playing in mud


May there always be a hoof print next to your foot print,



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