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Spring Cleaning Special Part 1: The Brush Breakdown


Spring is rapidly approaching and our horses are beginning to shed their blankets and hair. It’s almost time to say good riddance to those bulky blankets and hello to naked horses. As we pack those bad boys up it becomes official, the commencement of the long, arduous process that is; SPRING CLEANING! Before we break out the grooming supplies to clean up our four legged friends it’s probably a good idea to give your brushes a bath first.

It’s pointless to try to clean your horse with dirty brushes. Additionally, fungus and various contagions can be spread by brushes or hoof picks from one horse to another. Your safest bet is to have a set of brushes for each horse. Grime can easily build on the end of the bristles, this grime and residue will be transferred back onto your horse or another. This can be prevented by carrying a curry comb when you groom. Take the time to flick the brush against the curry to remove the remaining dirt before going back to your horse’s body.

If you’re looking to deep clean your brushes there are a plethora of techniques.  Brush Therapy, a small packet of powder, is the easiest way to clean your brushes. One packet of Brush Therapy will clean around 6-8 items. As the powder dissolves in warm water add your brushes to the solution. While soaking, the Brush Therapy will penetrate deep down into the dirt and grime returning your brushes to next to new condition. After removing the brushes from the solution, rinse with clean water and lay out to dry on a towel before returning to your grooming tote.

Nothing is much easier than Brush Therapy, but if you have large quantities of brushes bleach or warm water and a soft dish soap such as dawn or ivory soap may be a bit more efficient. If using bleach be sure your brushes are plastic since bleach has a tendency to dry out the wood/real hair on certain brushes.

Don’t forget that your horse is not the only thing that needs to be cleaned. Keeping all your equipment clean is vital to your horse’s health.


So, my confession you ask? Bath time is never just for my horse, it’s for my brushes too.


May there always be a hoof print next to your foot print,





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