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SPLISH SPLASH, You’re Getting A Bath!

1b6d6ebbc64539eeb30b30fc6ec6e540With temperatures climbing it’s officially one of my favorite times of year, BATHING SEASON! Although my horse might hate me he will be squeaky sparkly clean. Here are a few helpful bathing reminders to keep you and your horse happy.

1.      Pick the right place and time: Chances are if it’s too cold for you to get wet, it’s too cold for your horse to get wet. If it is on the chillier side make sure you bring a cooler with you to the wash stall. Pick a grassy or concrete location. This will prevent the creation of one big mud puddle which negates the whole bathing process, and is terrible for your pony’s feet.

2.      Water is not good for hooves: Use some Vaseline or hoof oil before you bathe to help deflect the excess water.

3.      Shampoo: Shampoo can often dry out the skin. We suggest that you put the recommended amount of shampoo in a bucket and mix it with water. Rinse your horses coat thoroughly and don’t use shampoo on places that can be difficult to rinse, like the face.

4.      Sponges: Similarly to brushes, don’t share sponges. This will help prevent the spread of germs.

5.      Comfort: Make sure the water isn’t too cold. Let’s be real do you want to be hosed down with freezing cold water? The answer to that is definitely no, so don’t do it to your horse! 56cb28a989556ac1d0ea4268b01503bf

Remember, that a nice long date with the curry comb will do the same trick as a bath. It might take a little longer, and you may need some extra elbow grease. BUT it helps you get your guns ready for the summer season and keeps your horses coat shiny and clean. Consider taking the time to curry and only give a bath when absolutely necessary to avoid dry skin and hoof issues.


So, my confession you ask? My horse has more hair and bathing products than i do,
and that is a tough accomplishment to reach.
May there always be a hoof print next to your foot print,


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