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Common Household items, Barn Essentials… OR BOTH


Horses are an expensive hobby. If you’re short on time or cash don’t worry—take a look around your house and/or garage to find these barn must-haves. Check out these cheap and easy solutions to some of your problems.

  • Tuna fish cans, cleaned out of course, make great bridle hooks.
  • Duct tape is an essential friend of any horse person. (You can fix almost anything with duct tape)
  • Diapers act as padded slippers for abscesses or foot injuries.
  • Dryer sheets—not only act as an air freshener during the sweaty, stinky summer, but also as bug repellent for the rider. Stick one in your pocket or top of your boot when you ride.
  • Dish soap can go a long way in the wash stall giving baths. Dawn Dish soap specifically can also remove oil stains from your pants.
  • Listerine is extremely useful to wash/disinfect buckets and leave your barn smelling minty fresh.
  • Corn oil can be an alternative for hoof oil for your horse’s hooves.

In addition to these substitutes check out our alternative option of the week to learn how to make your own products! A new alternative option will be featured ever week!


Alternative Options of the Week
Sore Muscle Liniment

20 drops of wintergreen
10 drops of peppermint
10 drops of juniper
5 drops of jasmine
5 drops of ginger
½ – 1 cup of Epsom salt
1 bucket of water

Place the oils in the Epsom salts. Dissolve the Epsom salt mixture in the bucket using some warm water. You can use Aloe Vera instead of water to make a more gel solution.

So, My confession you ask?
Sometimes i borrow toothbrushes to clean my bit, that’s my alternative 😉

May there always be a hoof print next to your foot print,


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