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Hobby Horse Saddlery

We offer riders the best quality in English riding apparel, supplies & tack.

Are you looking for top quality hay, grain, & livestock feed? We can take care of you too; just ask us.

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Hobby Horse Saddlery

A life dedicated to horses takes commitment, passion, and the proper mindset.

Your friendly neighborhood tack shop

Hobby Horse Saddlery is your source for everything equine.   Equip yourself with an assortment of supplies & tack; we offer the highest quality equine supplies to meet your needs.

Our Apparel

Our Apparel

Looking for the latest in riding apparel fashion? Shop from our huge selection of equestrian clothing including: breeches, show apparel, shirts, tops, & boots.

Our Store

Our Store

For more than 40 years Hobby Horse Saddlery in Huntington, New York has been serving Long Island’s horse riding community. Come in today & shop local.

Horse Care

Horse Care

We offer the best in horse care. We're dedicated to offering a range of good-quality, essential horse care solutions that horses need to thrive.

Stable Management

Stable Management

We are your solution to your Stable Management needs. We carry a variety of food, bedding, tack, and general needs for the horse.

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About us - Know Who We Are

We have had the same staff for over 15 years.  We enjoy getting to know our customers; we look forward to counting you among our valued customers.

christine moser

Christine Moser

Kimberly Baker

Kimberly Baker

donna cafone

Donna Cafone

kim bulmer

Kimberly Bulmer

Julie Kliphius

Julie Kliphuis

Caitlin Fanning

Caitlin Fanning

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Why Us?

We take time to learn your horse, your goals and identify your needs as a rider. Every rider is unique, every horse is different and Hobby Horse Saddlery understands that. Each employee either owns their own horse, has went to school for equine studies or has years of hands on experience. Owner Christine Drayton-Moser is building on that solid foundation, offering quality products for horse and rider. With a degree in Equine Business and nearly 20 years of experience she has the answers to your questions and concerns.

HBL Wholesalers Ltd.

Supplying Long Island with quality hay, grain, & bedding.

Hay & Feed Options

Hay is by far the most important part of your horses diet. We stock top quality hay baled in upstate New York.

HBL Wholesalers currently offers Nutrena, Triple Crown, & Progressive Nutrition feeds and supplements.

HBL Wholesalers carries and can order for you many livestock feeds including chicken, rabbit, goat, pig, and pretty much any others you might need. We even carry feed for you dogs & cats too.

Horse Bedding starts with the highest quality material. You choose either Condensed Wood Bedding Pellet which is a pelletized mini flake shaving or fluffy fresh wood shavings for your livestock animals & horse bedding.

Contact Us

62 Melville Rd, Huntington Station NY 11747

Hobby Horse Saddlery & HBL Wholesalers

Offering high quality merchandise for horse & animal needs.

Servicing Long Island for over 20 years; let us bring you the best.

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Do you have a question?  Send us an email and we will get right back you.

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